Teaching Evaluations

Dr Subhan Zein has maintained a proven track record in achieving improved learning outcomes over a sustained period. This is evidenced by the fact that he has never experienced a major dip of student attendance at the end of each semester. Attendance in his courses is consistently high throughout the semester. Attendance reached 88% throughout Semester 1 2020 for a course at the University of Queensland and an all-time record of 94% throughout Semester 1 2022 for another course at Australian National University.

Further, he averages 89% in the Course Satisfaction Survey of all courses he has taught; for example, Concepts in Applied Linguistics, Teaching Languages, TESOL Curriculum and Pedagogy, English as a Second Language: Teaching Specialist, Language Teaching Methodology, and Language and Intercultural Communication. The latest Satisfaction Survey data of a course he taught at University of Queensland reaches 95.4%, while another at Australian National University reaches 96%.

In various documents (e.g., teaching evalutions, testimonials), which Dr Zein has received, a great majority of his students have provided positive commentaries. Many students have specifically commented on his knowledge and teaching skills; for example:

“The lecturer has made a great effort to teach us knowledge and structuring the course. I believe all the students can see the passion of the lecturer about what he teaches us. He is one of the best lecturers I have seen!”

“He is knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics, so his explanations are clear, interesting and sound. His wide cultural knowledge allows him to engage students from different cultural backgrounds in his speech. He always seems willing to clarify the expectations for assignments over the email providing examples and extra information. He is strict and rigorous and provides valuable feedback that guides to genuine improvement. While he delivers his class he always seems passionate and makes the learning environment dynamic and appealing.”

“Subhan had great knowledge in the area of EAL/D. I really enjoyed his classes. He did a great job as his first year of running the course.”

“The teacher has a rather clear mind, and he always makes his course well-structured and information-intensive. And he is so knowledgeable, energetic and gentle. Hope I can I have more his classes!”

“Subhan always gave me a response when I met the question. His teaching is in-depth and helps me understand the abstract content very profoundly.”

“He fosters an environment that encourages open debate and the sharing of new ideas, all while carefully guiding discussions to keep them pertinent to the topic at hand. Even though the course material was difficult, it was always enjoyable and quickly became my favourite class. The level of academic support Dr Zein provided remains unrivalled.”

“He always designed many interesting activities to enhance our understanding of the content of the lecture. He is always encouraging and humorous. He always spent tons of his personal time dealing with our doubts and questions after class.”

“Dr Subhan Zein is really good at explaining definition with samples. It is easy to understand.”

“My lecturer was always punctual. He provided enough explanations and examples of theories and concepts. When a student has a question, he always listened carefully and gave a clear answer. The most helpful point was that the answers to activities were not presented on the activity sheet. It made me pay more attention to the lecture and actively interact with peers as I had to find the answers by myself. Also, the instruction of every assignment was really detailed and he always rechecked whether our understanding of the assignment is clear or not. His supportive attitude was impressive. I could get a quick answer to my query through e-mail. Although the content of this course was quite difficult, I could enjoy the course. I really appreciate my lecturer’s contribution.”

Other students have commented on him being an inspirational figure; for example:

“Dr Subhan is very inspiring, he shows a strong passion for the course he is teaching, which also encourage my interests in doing this course. Thank you for the chocolate!”

“Thank you so much Subhan, I was inspired to explore more ideas about linguistic. With additional explanation about the terminologies, my current knowledge was expanded and I feel a sense of satisfaction about the studying the new knowledge. I even do not want to miss any classes of this seminar although it is 8am class. Thank you and all the best for the rest of the semester.”

“I am so inspired by teacher Subhan’s lecture every time because that facilitates my understanding about 7706 course significantly. Additionally, it is very efficient for us to interpret lectures with the transcripts given by Subhan. What’s more, Subhan replied to my emails quickly and patiently every time and clarified my questions clearly. He also helped me a lot with my assignments!”

“He’s quite an excellent professional. Inspiring, knowledgeable, and motivated. I enjoyed every one of his lectures.”

“Subhan is very patient and knowledgeable. He inspired us by providing extra reading materials which could help me have a better understanding of applied linguistics.”

Meanwhile, there are also students who commented on Dr Zein’s personality and his willingness to go the extra mile to assist students; for example:

“Understanding, patient, responsive, humorous.”

“Easy to approach and contact by email. Very friendly human being”

Subhan is very kind. He is always able to explain some puzzling theoretical knowledge in a concise way and provide his own practical examples, which make it easy for me to understand. Besides, his class is well organized and the students are very devoted. He is approachable and his class style is very comfortable.”

“Dr. Subhan always ready for us to solve all kinds of problems, and he is very funny although sometimes we dont get it, hahahahh.”

A few of the students’ evaluations and testimonials are available below.